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I just re-powered my boat with twin Etec 150s, and ICON gauges. If anybody is familiar with the operation/set up of these, I'd be appreciative. My install consists of 2 tachometers and and a speedometer, all on the Data Bus and a near as I can tell installed correctly. My issues are:
1. The Port Tach and Speedometer are working in the "Dependent Mode" the Starboard Tach is "Independant". Short version, the Starboard Tach is not talking to the other gauges, as far as Fuel Flow, Brightness etc... I've had it back to the dealer and he says this is normal, my reading of the manuals, (owners guide and installation), tells me that's BS. Am I right, or is the dealer?
2. The dealers installation did not include the NEMA Data Bus fuel senders, but used the analog senders already in the boat. I understand this requires an analog to digital converter, which is not working in my boat. I get a steady 1/4 indication on the port fuel gauge and NO indication on the starboard. Should I just insist he puts in the digital senders or can the old ones be made to work?

Inputs welcome!
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