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OK here it goes.
first two three runs in the early morning works fine as the day warms up or (engine) it takes a couple tries before it actually takes off. it always starts , but then when I engage the throttle it starts to died, and I have to bring it back to neutral or it dies. it feels like it needed a little push before it goes. the ball primer is new, however it doesn't hold much pressure when engine is running. carburetor was checked and it was in good shape I changed fuel filter, and spark plugs every season. This motor is a evinrude intruder 150hp w/ "optical ignition system 2000"
I don't know if it has anything to do with it but, the speedometer sometimes shows a very high rpm but motor is only like half from wot. The front of motor is always wet with the oil a use for oil mixture, boat does the mixing itself I only have to fill the reservoir tank. Could it be the ignition wires going into the spark plugs?
this motor is on a ranger bass boat. when I put the throttle on neutral it sound as if it is misfiring until it picks up I had a compression test done and it as good.
thanks for any info
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Sounds like you may have a bad Power Pack that goes bad intermittently with heat.

Carl Tagliabue
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