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I have a 2008 115 E-tec model E115DSLSC serial #G 05205114 with less than 20 hours. The first week I had it it ran fine when I put it in salt water the problem started. When you give it gas it will run to a plane and die. The motor never shuts off it just won't go and all the alarms go off. I have taken it back twice the last time they told me they replaced the throttle position sensor. I took it out today same problem. Any suggestions and has anyone heard of this on any other E-tec motors. At this point I am very disappointed in Evinrude with its supposed maintenance free motor for the first 3 years. Evinrude is the only motors I have ever owned, but I am to the point I don't think I will own any more.

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Hello will need to verify if lights flashing or going through normal start up mode. if throttle was advanced in neutral engine will go into winerizing mode. the engines internal computer also has led display foir common problems. as always verify battery cables and are tight.

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