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I have a 1990 Eliminator Daytona tunnel with twin Johnson 225. I'm was present when this boat was rigged new. Not sure of the MPH but it did turn 6500 with Mazco's 28 round ears.


I have recently purchased this boat and had to replace both stators and timer bases and one rectifier. Both engines have good leak down. From 4 to 6 % at 90 PSI. The cranking compression is 120. (1986 heads were installed from new and still in place.)


My problem is that it starts to lay down around 5000/5200 RPM and will not go any higher. I have checked that both throttles are wide open @ full throttle. The GPS speed is only 68 MPH. Am puzzled as to what to check for next.


Is there a way to check good spark at speed? Coils etc


One more thing. One engine had an erratic tach reading at idle. It would jump from 1000 to 1500 RPM higher with a fluctuating voltage reading also. I installed a new rectifier and that solved the problem or so I thought. It idles fine now and matches the other tach, but under load and at cruising speed it is fluctuating again by about the same 1000 to 1500 RPM's. Any help with that one?


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Hello I would start with basics like spark and compression check .If slight variance i would verify fuel to that cylinder or try activating choke at high speed to see if extra fuel increases rpm. I would also do high speed plug check for consistant color on all.

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