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Help, not sure what else can be done!! the boat was purchased in 2001 with a 1 yr warranty for the engine, once that was up the 1st fuel pump failed, it was replaced,it also failed so a 2nd fuel pump was replaced, in less than 8 months this 2nd pump failed as well and a 3rd one was purchased within 6 months this one has also failed, so 3 pumps + original equipment and it seems that there is no one to either take responsibility for this failure nor has any input in regards to any repairs, instead we are now waiting for the 4th pump to arrive.

I truly believe that there needs to be some accountability in regards to their products, this boat is only used during the summer for maybe 2-3 weekends therefore it is not due to over-usage.

Please advise if there are any repairs/ core unit rebates, all invoices are available for audit to confirm this issue that i now feel needs to fall on someone else. Please contact me ASAP with an answer and solution to this problem.


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Hello replacement parts come with 1 year warranty but BRP factory can be reached for special problems. any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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