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Does a 1992 johnson 150 have a fuel filer under the cowl??  Engine seems to be starving for fuel just after getting on plane.  Return to idle for a minute and it will get on to plane before starving again.  Removed inline filter; do not see any fuel contamination.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello I would check needle and seat or float in vapor separator as this unit stores fuel to be delivered to  pump and carbs. any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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Have you considered ethanol (higher than acceptable level of 10%) as the cause for your performance problems?

Excess water in the gas will cause the engine to run lean - This is more common since ethanol has replaced MTBE for oxygenating the fuel.



Often the first symptoms of using higher than acceptable ethanol gas blends in your outboard engine is evidenced by performance issues, such as engine stalling when you demand acceleration (WOT). You'll notice other performance issues such as increased stalling, misfire, hesitation and difficulty maintaining boat speed...Read article


The gasoline you pump in your tank may be dry, but due to condensation (from humidity, temperature, etc.) water does exist in your tank. Since water is insoluble in gasoline, it sinks to the bottom of your tank -
As long as it remains below the level of your fuel pickup tube it will not affect your engine. The problem is water is soluble in ethanol and will travel thru your engine fuel system.

A water/ethanol mixture, being heavier than gas, will sink to the bottom of the gas tank, leaving a lower octane gas on top. This low octane gas can cause performance issues with 4-stroke engines, and can cause damage 2-stroke and other non-fuel injection outboard engines.
BTW, 2+4 and carbon guard will help.
Check out the Ethanol-Outboard Fuel article for ways to protect your outboard from ethanol use problems.
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