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I have a 1989 2.3 liter 4 cyclinder OMC inboard/outboard stern drive.  I am currently replacing the exhaust manifold and riser, and other parts.  When I took the riser off, the flapper was missing only the stainless steel rod.  I've been told I need to pull this out.  How can i locate the flapper and get it out?  I don't want to pull the engine or out drive.  I need some advise on getting this thing out w/out more expense.  Can I reach it through the rubber hose on the stern drive?  Any ideas would be a help.  What if I didn't take it out.  After all it is 17 years old and has not been properly maintained, it seems to run as good as it always has except for a wore out prop. which is being replaced.  Also how much water/exhaust should come out of the prop and how much should come out of that rubber hose?

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Hello flapper is probably in lower exhaust and can be seen with outdrive removed. it should not affect running with new flappper installed.

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