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Hi! all Newbie here. I have around a 1969 65hp engine. Problem is motor starts and idles fine. Revs up and runs fine. Then it quits after about 1/2 hour of running. We took the boat out idle or low revs for about 15-20 minutes in the no wake zone. Runs great. Get out in the open water go to full throttle no hesitation runs right and runs excellent. We run it like that for about 10 minutes. Then out of nowhere the engine dives to idle and runs for about 3 more minutes and dies. Will no run again till completely cool as in maybe the next day. We changed out the coil with a special high capacity coil thinking maybe that was it. Same problem Full tank of gas spits out water fine. I am stumped?????? Tahnsk in advance for any help

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is there anyway to "test" the power pack. Or do you have to wait for it to fail, then test for spark?

Tommy T
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Hello power pack voltage output can be tested with peak volt adapter used with most volt meters. It will read output of 180 or higher but not help your problem . If pack has been replaced make sure clipper circut has been removed. also verify that engine has over 9.5 volts at purple feed to pack. If not charging and volts drop spark will stop.

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