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Hello all,

I have an e-tec that I have been runing for a year now - have not needed to add any oil yet.  I was not clear on what kind of oil -so I went with what seemed correct : Evinrude Johnson XD100. 

After closer examination I see a tag that says my engine has been calibrated to use the XD50. 

I can't return the oil b/c the label has become ruined (of course the oil is ok).  Question - is it bad for me to use the better oil - or should I sell it on ebay and go w/ the XD50?

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It's my understanding that the motor must be programed for the type oil your using. I believe they all come from BRP programed to use XD-50. I had my dealer reprogram my 2007, 250 to XD-100 when I first bought the boat. Maybe your's was changed at the dealer?. I would take it into the dealer and have them verify the type oil it's programed for and then reprogram it to use XD-100 if it's not already.

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Hello running XD-100 is ok even if programed for xd-50 and will add extra protection.

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Thanks.  I will use up the 100 and go with the XD-50 next time around.

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