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I have a 2005 Evinrude Etech 50 horsepower motor. When I received it there was a 55Volt system code, and a few oil system related codes. I replace the damaged oil hoses and flywheel and primed the oil pump with the computer and according to the computer it is running fine with no active faults. It shift in and out of gear while running at idle, but will not rev up past idle as if it is in SAFE mode. Every static and dynamic test came back good and all the numbers on the computer are within limits while it is running. Any suggestions would be helpful.

travis cox
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Hello I would start with checking tps and related ground connections.

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we had the same problem with a new motor. the oil light was on then the engine light. I did some reading and machanics and swaped some parts and did not change anything, so more reading and machanics and come to find out that on some boats the ground from the battery just connected to the battery wont work. check to see if it is pumping oil if not pull full line off and let run out of fuel,this helps prime the oil pump buy from what I read releasinng pressure. then on top of the oil pump there are some wirers coming out like 6 or so. one is tan with white stripe, pull cover up off the wire some and cut the wire then use a butt conector and get a peice of wire twist the new peice of wire and one end of the tan wire with a white stripe and crimp butt connector then put the other side of the tan with a white stripe wire in the butt connector more or less adding a wire off the tan with a white stripe and ground the new wire to a bolt on the motor to ground it. the oil pump now pumps. our 90hp runs like a striped ape now, and no lights horns or problems.. this is after 3 days of problem solving and reading 2 evinrude service manuals and alot of head scratching I wouldn't beleave it with out doing it but it works..

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