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I have a 1993/94 40HP Evinrude Power with PowerTrim/tilt. Model No. BE40TLERE.  I have replaced the seals on the hydraulics as it was leaking from the gland seal / wiper seal.  Can you please advise how to ensure I bleed all of the air from the system once the unit is reinstalled. I have purchased the Evinrude Hydraulic oil squeeze tube. I was wondering if this may not be enough to refill the system.


Thankyou in advance for your assistance.



Dave Fowke


PS. Not a great idea having the top pin go through the yoke with nylon bushes yet metal to metal contact with the support gussets. Very tight after 13 years with no way of lubricating it.

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Hello unit is self bleeding and tube should be enough or dextron atf can be used.fill unit in full tilt position

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