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I read you article on the ethanol in the gas. It says to buy from a station that does not use it. Do you know of any station here on Long Island I should use? Thanks Rich...
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What year and model engine do you own?

Does your owner's manual state E10 is ok for your engine?


NY has been selling E10 ethanol blend-fuels for a long time, I don't know of any public stations there, that don't add ethanol now.


I'll let you know if I hear of any.


Problem in LI (as you probably already know) is that several stations have tested for unsafe (too high) levels of ethanol this past year--over 10%.


My advice is for you to always check the fuel for alcohol % prior to buying-

(Alcohol Fuel Test Kit) - Test takes about 2-5 mins.


Since ethanol's added at the pump, (sometimes incorrectly) with each delivery of fuel to the station, the amt. of ethanol can vary from day-to-day.


I heard about one station in LI that tested for 48% alcohol! - That will kill any engine.


Go to busy stations (fuel fresher), and name brand stations.


Replace fuel in tank every 2-4 weeks (E10 is good for only 90 days).


If you notice sudden stalling, smoke, hesitation, etc - after getting new gas, too high alcohol in fuel is most likely the cause...


Until the stations are forced (by laws) to carefully monitor the alcohol % present in the tanks, I know of no way to be sure alcohol level is safe, other than to test it yourself.


The only fuel I know of in LI that's alcohol-free is airplane grade.


Written by Gail for Ralph.


P.S. I'm in Cocoa Beach FL now, no ethanol added yet in this area of FL...

but remember when traveling, you can't mix ethanol gas with conventional MTBE gas. Will gel-up in tank



 Just want to add, that supposedly farmers are still gov't exempt from using ethanol-fuels, (will damage older farming equipment) if you know of any farmers on LI, you might want to check with them. (although they probably have only private, non-public gas tank supply without ethanol).??


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