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I just got a Media Review article published by Evinrude. In it they test a 225 Etec on a 201 Stratos. On page 36 they show test results where at 2000RPM at 8.2mph it uses 5.3 GPH for 1.5MPG. Is this a misprint or is the Etec that bad. My old carburated motor used that much. My 2000 Ficht uses 2.0GPH at that RPM and speed. On a 120mile offshore trip I use 28 gal ,with my ficht. for 60 miles of running and 60 miles of trolling. A new Etec would use 54 gal. if this data is correct. I was planing to buy a new Etec, but not if this is true.

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Hello I replaced a 2000 225 Ficht  with  etec 200  HO and found very small increase in fuel. the better running quality and increased plug life are well worth the switch. top end stayed the same with increase in mid range power and better idle quality. increase in fuel usage not noticed but richer running was done to increase plug life and durability. 

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