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Being an amateur motorhead who has owned and tinkered with motor bikes, boats and cars anything that goes, I have some questions and comments on my new motor in its first 50 hours.

Most of detailed information I have gathered is from these forums as owners manual is very scant.

I am interested in members comments on my observations.

First observation is the instructions on "running in" saying go for it "no run in". However, I read that in fourums there is extra double oil for 10 or 15 hours runnings over a certain revs. The issue I had was I went trawling for 10hours at about 10hour mark so I think I have over oiled my plugs idling with double oil for 10 hours. I say that as I am getting rough running and also some green oil running out of drain on lower leg. I run the synthetic factory oil. I am hoping new plugs at service will improve some rough running that has come in since at certain revs. Roughness mainly up to 3000rpm, 2 stroke like shaking.  If that is what happened I think the instructions should say this to give it a solid run in. What do people think? The dealer plugged in the palm and did a plug injector static test but really this does not show up until you load it.

Second observations are that 500rpm idle is amazing even cold but it is rough idle like the engine mounts are rock solid, as the boat buzzes. Also the slow idle is computer controlled so you cannot get it to run between 500 and 1000 as it jumps straight to 1000rpm as sound as you nudge the throttle. It almost needs a trawl adjust. I did have one day I had to start cold and due to waves move quickly, the motor had a mighty splutter nearly stalled to get up to 3000rpm.

Third, starting is great except about half hour after running it takes three seconds cranking, I suspect it is a heat caused fuel vapor lock or siphoning back to tank. Has anyone else had this?

Fourth, in watching voltage on my sounder the alternator is hugely powerful, 14.6 volts solid even idling.

Fifth , not sure on this but I am hoping bad fuel was cause of missing under load  getting on plane as problem has reduced but engine may be sensitive to fuel quality?

Six, the fuel flow sender is mechanical and due to friction does not register small idle flow, why an injected engine does not use its computer to display usage puzzles me as the computer knows what it is injecting.

Generally happy with the power and starting , no smoke etc, its a great motor dont get me wrong.

Happy Boating, interested in comments without getting into strife over what I have said.

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Hello double oiling is computer control and only activated at high rpm. 3000 rpm is transition and normal to shake. fuel going to injectors is recirculated and can only be measured at injector not yet or total use. try activating fuel pump with key before starting or squeezing primer bulb for faster start up.

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