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Have a 2004 Johnson Bombardier 150 still under warranty... Problem... Engine starts up fine... run to my destination... shut engine off for a while... now the problems start... will not stay at idle have to raise rpms, put into neutral than go... will do it all day long... changed fuel filter and water seperater... also when i go to prime the ball it constricts and slowly inflates... this only happens after the initial start... the initial start will stay at idle all day long...

What is can be the problem... Can it be the primer in the engine itself?? the fuel when i took the old one off was clean... any help would be appeciated... called johnson dealer near my house today, but the service dept was closed..



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Hello I would have float valve checked in vapor separator in front of engine. If primer bulb is restricted and staying depressed than boat fuel supply will need to be checked for restriction or clog in anti siphon valve or pick up in tank.any questions call 631-514-1525

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