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Somewhere around 3000 RPM my 2003 Johnson 90 horsepower salt water edition engine starts missing and will go no faster.  Here's what happened...


The motor was running perfectly a couple of weeks ago before I had a starter problem.  You could here the bendix turning but it would not extend to crank the fly wheel.  I found a loose connection at the ground on the solenoid but broke the solenoid when I tightened it. The voltage arched when it broke so I had to replace the engine fuse.  Upon getting a new solenoid (that was not the problem) we finally realized that the bendix was broken.  We installed a new bedix, motor started like a champ and off to dinner we went.   On the way to dinner she started missing at high RPM's (I thought we were going through grass) but I was wrong.  The sputtering and spurting got progressively worse until now it will go no harder than 3000 RPM's.


It sounds like the motor is in slow mode so I checked the oil float and it is not stuck.  I replaced both thermostats, just in case and checked all the connections that I could see.  It seems to be getting good spark (I had already replaced the spark plugs) so I replaced the ignition light sensor but still no change.


One mechanic thinks it is the computer - another mechanic tells me that motor does not have a computer and thinks it might be the power pack.


It seems like I must have done something when working around the solenoid but I can't figure out what. 


Please help!

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