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Bought my boat last year as my first bass boat and it has a 1999 Johnson 150 on it (J150PLEES 1999). Ran great all year last year. First time out this year is good until the afternoon (maybe started 8 or 9 times from spot to spot) and we turn key and click. Tapped on solenoid and got her started and back to the dock. I replaced the starter solenoid and everything seemed fine.

First time out after replacing the solenoid and boat starts up and runs a few times from spot to spot. All of a sudden turn the key and click again plus I lose all tilt/trim. Tap solenoid after removing the hood and got her started and tilt/trim came back.

So finally going through manual last night and checking a few issues in my driveway. Engine was turning over and tilt/trim okay (but seems slow on the up) but sounds like solenoid is rattling inside with the hood off. Eventually both systems stop working and repeat tapping on solenoid and both come back.

Long story short, I am out of ideas. Replace solenoid again or is something else elcetrical wrong that keeps causing the solenoid to go bad? Thanks for any help or insight that I can get. Mechanic may not be able to look at it for awhile so I am trying to see if this issue can be solved by myself.

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Check all of your electrical plugs and ground connections.

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I need to buy a starter and solenoid for my Johnson j150plee.  I want to buy the actual starter and solenoid and not buy the parts to build.  Can anyone tell me where I can buy these parts?  Thanks!!
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