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I have a 96 Johnson FastStrike 150 V6 (J150GLED).
I ordered a 24" Raker prop for it.
I expected a 394755 or 177265 part number on it (from an applications chart).
I recieved a # 3855146
Is this the correct part??
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The answer was yes

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Hi John,
This note is from Gail, not Ralph/Outboard Wizard.
Unfortunately, I just realized tonight, after talking to Ralph, that it may not be the same.
You said that, the prop you received was a 15 spline.
I researched dealerport and dealer catalog, and believed since this number was a "vintage part number" and no longer available (not in 2007 catalog) that it was the same, since also 15 spline 14.5 x 24 Raker.
But, when I checked their older Parts & Accessories catalogs,
they list 3855146 as 19 spline, therefore they would not be the same.
Are you sure the prop you bought 3855146 says 15 spline?
It is correct that PN 394755 was superceded by PN 177265 a Raker II 24" RH with TBX.
Did you buy the prop from Outboard Wizard Evinrude Parts shop?
I'm not a mechanic, but I do believe your engine (J150GLED 1996 150 HP V6) requires 15 spline to fit correctly.
Check your emails, Ralph said he was going to send you an explanation.
From, Gail
Ralph, The Outboard Wizard
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Thanks for the info.
Yes it has a 15 spline. I count 15 teeth and 15 spaces.

I did not buy from Outboard Wizard, I bought from a dealer that had an inventory of older props. He had this one in both 15 and 19 spline.
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