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 Hello, I have a 1977 15' Boston Whaler with a 1976 Johnson 70, Model 70EL76.
It is used on a small lake near Chestertown, Upstate New York, has been in the family since new, maintained, runs great and is in excellent condition.
Several years ago I replaced the Old Style Metal Housing Water Pump Assy with a New Style Pump, OMC Part# 438579. I also replaced the Thermostat, Bypass Plugs & Seats.
Since this was done at higher engine speeds the motor runs at 160 degrees versus 140 degrees with the Old Style Pump. At slower speeds bellow 2000 RPM it runs at 140 degrees. When idling water discharges intermittently out the exhaust relief as the Thermostat opens & closes, at high speeds there is a constant flow so the Bypass Plugs seem to be working.
After careful examination I found that the New Pump comes with a Wear Plate, Part# 341038, that has a smaller port than the Old Style Pump Wear Plate which was Part# 319275.
I contacted several Johnson/ Evinrude dealers in the Lake George, NY area to try and purchase the older style Wear Plate but they say it is no longer available & the one I have is correct.
To further prove my suspicion I installed the Old Style Wear Plate # 319275 in the New Style Pump Assy and the motor once again runs at 140 degrees. However the Old Style Plate is somewhat worn so I don't want to leave it installed permanently.
Is the O.S. Wear Plate # 319275 still available, if so I would like to purchase one? Or did OMC decide in later years that these older motors should run a bit hotter?  
 Thanks for your time and have a good weekend,
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Carl Tagliabue
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Hello I would verify water pressure when engine is running hot. If too high engine might have restriction

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