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What are good compression numbers for for this engine?

I measured the following

Port side                  Starbord
105                        106
104                        108
104                        104
The engine smokes at idle and after starting I see some fuel from time to time in the water. I have been told it should have compression of 150 140 lbs from what I read this engine was a low compression engine so I think what I am being told is not correct. The engine runs pretty good I a leaning towards decarbing with sea foam and maybe rebuilding the carbs because is see some fuel weeping by the bowl gasket on a couple of them. I also see some fuel in the engine cowling and might be leaking out of a carb when the engine is tilted back? One of the local marine mechanics is telling me the rings are shot because the compression is low?

Please somebody help me with this my daughter is getting married and her wedding is costing more than boat upkeep !!!!!


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Readings seem alittle low but from what I read on this site the important thing is that they are all within 10% of each other.

Low reading could be caused by not have it at full throttle while testing and it often takes several revolutions to get the highest reading.

Lastly you likely are using a relatively cheap compression tester.

If your motor's running great why mess with it.

Gas leaking from tilting the engine is normal.  The carbs are going to leak out their vents when tilted.  Just had mine out - same thing.  Hate to polute but what can you do.

Smoking at idle and startup and gas in the water are normal for all 2 strokes except the new Etec's.


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