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I have just started using this motor again after having it in storage for a number of years. It was profesionally pickled, The engine starts ok but I am having to hand choke it by covering up the air horn of a carb or two. I have perhaps forgotten how to use this cold starting system. When I push the key in when it is in the off position( straight up an down) I do not hear it click to engage the sol. to inject fuel into the manifold. When I turn the key to the on position but not all the way to engage the starter I hear the warning horns and check engine gauges, and when they go out, if I push the key in at that point I hear a click. I am not sure this is the sol. for the fuel injecting into the manifold or not. I can start the engien by turning the red lever to the up position and then after starting back down. So I don't know if the cold starting system is working or not and I do not see the hose to take off to see if there is any fuel squirting into the manifold. If I pump the ball hard a few times it seems to start anyway with or without the choke. So I guess I just want to know if when the key is in the off position if I push it in should I hear the click?I have a few different ways to start the thing from covering a carb air intake to putting the red lever up or just pumping the ball hard plus a few..Who fixes these things in MD anymore
Richard Adelberg
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