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I own a pair of 2000 225 FICHT and got a "check engine" light offshore. 
Check Engine on @ 4000 RPM, I brought the motor to idle and turned off the engine.  Restarted with no light and ran up to 4000 RPM and 10 minutes later Check Engine light on again, brought to idle, turned off engine and restarted.  Sea water temp was 76'F.  Ran up to 4000 RPM for another 15 minutes and NO Check Engine.  Trolled at 1200 RPM for 2 hours then ran home at 4000 RPM for two hours, NO Check Engine.
Did the manual check to determine the code which was -- 46 -- BP sensor above range.  Any idea what this is and what and what is required??

Also, I checked the hose from the EMM which leads to a diaphragm, then from there another hose which leads to the bottom of the block near the exhaust port.  Pulled the hose off the fitting to check if it may have been clogged, nothing.  Backed the fitting out and it's not a "pass thru" fitting.  There is about a 3/4" solid length extending into the exhaust -- what purpose is this??  What does this sense?? 
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Hello bp sensor is located in  midsection at powerhead mounting and can be cleaned of carbon build up and checked with ohm meter

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