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Dear Sirs! 
I wonder if someone is able to tell me what articles I need to get a new 1996 binnacle remote control to match with my old motor? I have the remote control OEM176372 and I´ve bought the Adaptercable CDI4236344= OEM176344. But it´s only 50 cm. I need at least 20 more feet to connect to the remote!

Is there a complete electrical wireharness from motor to remote control? What partnumber?

Or, do I have to get a matching electrical wire to connect with CDI42344? What p/n?

My remote has ignitionswitch,safelanyard and chokefunkction all in one switch. Horn with 2 leads (tan/blue and purple)

If someone can help me solve this problem I would be much obliged.

Thanks in advance.

Sven-Bertil Albrektsson 
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