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I have a 1998 detuned 175hp Ficht.  The other day when I launched the boat, the check engine light came on with a brief alarm/beep.  The light stayed on but I ran the boat anyway.  It sounded fine and ran properly at all speeds and rpm.  I have a few of questions and would appreciate your help:

1.  Do you know what could be causing my problem?
2.  How do I check the code without the computer.
3.  Once I know the code number, is there a code description list somewhere (ie Code X = problem area Y).

Thanks in advance.

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hello check engine light could be water in fuel or tps out of range. battery voltage . can pull codes manually by holding tps passed wide open and turning key to on position and count blinking lights .

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Thanks for your reply.  I was able to get the code but I'm not sure how to interpret it.  Is there a list somewhere?  I don't have a manual.

I got the following reading:
1 long blink, 3 blinks, 7 blinks

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I found out from a friend of mine that this was a code 37.  This code indicates that there's water in the fuel.  I drained the water separator/fuel filter and it solved the problem.

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01' ficht motor is stalling when shifting forward to reverse,been told it may be a micro switch problem,also popping codes from time to time,may not be related,motor is hard starting on initial start up but run fine after,any help?
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