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I have only had this boat a few months and a few days ago I was out on the lake and the motor just slowed down. So as the day went on we had three drivers and it happened to each of us. Now I changed the plugs took it out today and it will only go a few hundred yard and slow down like it is going to quit. It seems to take off fast then after a short time slows down but the motor keep running. Any ideas?


Thank you



10-1-06 Replaced the bombardier evinrude / johnson VRO p / n 5004559 in the 1998 Four Winns Fling and it looks like everything is back to normal.

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Hello bad vro can be verified by squeezing primer bulb to see if engine picks up and stays running

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Hello everyone

I just purchased a 1998 Four Winns Jet boat, I know nothing about jet boats.  What should I know or where can I get information on performance, upkeep and anything else that is important to the ownership of this.


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installed new vro pump last october went around the lake a few times and worked great. Have only had the 98 Fling out a few time and have the same problem again. As long as you pump the primer button the boat will keep running. This will be the third pump in one year, could their be another problem?

Thanks Don
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