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I am not too familiar with outboards, but I have a 1995 mounted on a Crestline 18 Pro of the same vintage. Due to health problems I haven't been able to use it for the past two years and decided to let my son in law and his family have it.


I hooked it up to the garden hose and water was coming from all ports strongly so I cranked the engine and it started right away, but after running two or three minutes the overheat alarm sounded and I shut it down. I assumed even if the impeller was bad that the force of the water from the hose would keep it from overheating. Am I wrong in that assumption? Do I need to replace the water pump and/or the impeller? I took the cowling off, but it didn't seem terribly hot, but fairly warm to the touch. Can anyone help me? It is a 1995 112 HP Evinrude

Dewey Reynolds
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Hello when sitting thermostats have a tendency of sticking and running engine with water hoses on cylinder heads disconnected will help flush and open them. try reconnecting hoses one at a time and if horns sounds remove hose and restart with hose disconnected to flush system. any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph

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