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This motor will just sputter and quit while riding along just fine.  Sometimes it will start, but will not accelerate, just bogs down.  Other times it will not start at all.  After messing around with primer servo, fuel bulb, full neutral, it eventually will start and idle/run perfectly.  Spark is fine.  When cranking, sometimes totaling a long time, there is no fuel smell, and none in the water, so it seems like a fuel problem.  I am thinking fuel pump?  When it runs, I can run WOT over distance, so I think the fuel filter is OK.  Is there any other part pre-carbs that could intermitantly fail, then later run perfectly?

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Sounds like it might be sucking in air somewhere in the fuel line. Check the clamps around primer and other connections.

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You really need to dismantle, clean and rebuild the carburators, please use new gaskets.

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