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I have a 92 40hp elec start that I just put in the water this morning for the first time this year.  After I finally got it running I noticed that there was water coming out of the exhaust in a spray form and also from the typical stream at the pee hole.  There was also exhaust smoke coming from all around the section be3low the exhaust outlet.  I have never noticed this before so I immediately turned the motor off and came back home.  No fishing today, please help.


Thanks, BassnBob

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Y'know, the outboard manufacturers could save their customers so much angst by putting an explanation of this in their owner manuals...... (and owners could re-read their manual each year.....).


The holes at the back of the motor leg, or tower ARE NOT the engine or water exhaust. They are exhaust relief ports and exist soley to stop water backpressure from stalling the engine at low idle or in reverse.


The majority of the exhaust exits through the exhaust hub, and in smaller or older engines, through the exhaust hole just above the prop. In fact, at speed, the exhaust is vaccumed out through the above mentioned exit and little escapes through the relief ports. (NB. Some older engines without through-the-hub exhaust have fairly large relief ports and there will be a constant dribble of water coming out).


Spent cooling water takes the same route.


The fact that some water gets mixed with the exhaust and spits out the relief ports is inconsequential. It is unavoidable that water falling down the tower will mix with a bit of exhaust and shoot out the ports. Occaisionally some of it will get heated by the exhaust and exit as steam.


The telltale (or peehole as some call it) is your means of determining if the cooling system is working correctly (some engines have an overheat light and/or horn to complement).  If the telltale is not issuing a steady stream of water, check first to see if it is plugged. If it is not, then you have a cooling problem.


Note that the water that exits from the telltale is spent water. That is, it has already passed through the powerhead and done its job. Who cares where it goes afterward?


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Sorry I,m so late replying but someome else said basically the same thing.  Thanks Ken for your help. 
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