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My outboard will miss on 1 or 2 cylinders after running about 1/2 hour.
My local marina can't fix it. They have ground 2 heads, rebuilt the carb.
changed thermastats, done compression checks cold and hot.
When I dropped it of a month ago, I told them I thought it may be a coil.
I'm taking it to a different person today. Who isn't a Johnson dealer.
Can you give me any direction to head. Thanks
Scott Miller
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I have an 89  140.  Had a similar problem,  when the motor got warm, ir would lose 2 cylinders off and on.  when it was cold it would not do it.  Changed the power pack myself and no problems since.

I would do the coils first due to price, if that doesn't fix it, try the pack. You can see inside some power packs and it may look burned,  if so, could be bad.
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