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I have a 1997 90hp (V-4/Looper) on a 97 17ft Proline Sport.  Two weeks ago while on the water, my tach went from working normal (6k rpm @ WOT) to pegging out (8k rpm) at WOT and just acting funny. The motor runs and sounds perfect as it should. Thinking it was the tach, I put a brand new one in and it does the same thing.  I'm running a 14x17 pitch prop and put on a 17x21 prop thinking it would drop it down and still the same thing.  The tach instructions said to set it at 6 on the back.  Could it be my water cooled rectifier is going bad???  Any help would be great.  Thanks.

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Hello the tach can be adjusted while running and 6 is correct setting. sounds like bad rectifier regulator and voltage can be checked at gray lead. key on not running no voltage should be present.. running voltage should be around  9 volts any questions call 631-514-1525 thanks Ralph
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