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i just installed 2 t-stats in my motor and the waring buzzer is still going off because the engine temp is to hot. i need to know if i installed them properly. i put the top of the t-stat or the cone of the t-stat facing the motor and the stem or the bottom of the t-stat facing into the housing where the 2 black hoses attach. is this correct and if not , do you have a copy or a diagram of how its supposed to go
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Is the Water Pump pumping water? That would be the next thing to check,  the impeller may be shot. Thermostats only regulate the temperature at lower RPM's, bellow 2500 or so. Above that there are spring loaded bypass valves that open as the water pressure increases. The motor actually runs cooler at high RPM's, about 125 degrees, and warmer, about 145 degrees, at low RPM's.

Carl Tagliabue
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