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I am an auto mechanic(without much experience on outboards) in New Zealand and bought the 2 stroke Evinrude above to recondition.I have replaced just about everything and it just wont run below about 1800RPM, runs rough & cuts out at low revs.It runs fine at higher revs.
I have replaced both coils & condensers,HT leads & plugs and regapped breaker points.Fuel has been replaced with good flow to the carb.Carb has been stripped & cleaned & jets cleaned & float level reset.Float needle valve & seat and mixture screw both look o/k.Reed valves under carb look o/k.
No obvious signs of wear in rings or cylinder bores.Head gasket looks o/k and compressions seem o/k,although I havent measured with guage.
I am stumped and obviously must have missed something!
Can anyone out there help me?..I would appreciate any suggestions.

A W Seagar
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