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My 86 Johnson 90hp overheats. I started it today and the pisser runs real strong but hot water comes out of it after five minutes at idle. If I wait longer steam and water comes out the pisser when that happened I shut it down. I have never had hot water come out the pisser before. It seems the water pump works as the water flows freely out the of the propeller. I tried to replace the thermostats but was unable to loosen the bolts to the manifold. I read that thermostrats rarely freeze closed. I disconnected the little hoses to the thermostats and water flowed but did not squit that hard. Could it be that my water jackets are clogged. Could someone give me advice. Also, it you recommend replacing the water pump impeller what's the best way to lossen the nut above the prop on the lower unit, It seems a bit of a problem.

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Hello sounds like thermostats are sticking closed and can try running with hoses on and off for 1 minute at a time to help free thermostats and flush system.

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