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I have an old 1958 35 hp green meany.  It starts up and runs in a barrel with the water up to where the lower unit meets the upper, and blows a lot of bubbles out from above the prop. I was under the impression that this was supposed to be the intake area and water is supposed to come out of the pisser holes halfway up the back of the motor. Well, Im getting plenty of warm air out of them, and a tiny whisp of exhaust, but no water at any rpm. I dont think my engine is being cooled and after a few seconds it feels pretty hot.what should be my first course of action?  Also, is there some kind of vacuum port where I hook up my speedometer cable? I cant find where it goes! Please help this first time boat owner get out on the water!
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Hello the water intake screen is in front of snout and exhaust releif in rear of snout. Make sure water level is above where lower unit separates and is no water coming out replace water pump. the thermostat cover on top of cylinder head  can be removed to verify water flow from pump or stuck thermostat. any questions call 631-514-1525

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