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I have a 22' Bay Ranger with a 250 E-Tec. When I originally purchased it new in 06 the boat ran fine at 60mph. About 2 months later it started surging up and down in speed. Dealership replaced a bad injector. Didn't fix the problem. Replaced the computer which fixed the problem but now the most I could get out of it was 53mph?? They said that's all it's got? New issue... driving @ 50mph the engine just shuts down and will only idle. If I power it up it stalls?? This is in the first 6months it spent more time at the dealership than in the water. I was so mad when I took it back I didn't even ask what was wrong with at that time. New issue... Now, the top speed is only 45mph with very little whole shot. I lost a lot of power... Have not taken it to the shop yet.. Has any one else had these problems????

Jamie Dunnam
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Hey Jamie

                 Sounds like low fuel pressure - a simple fuel pressure gauge at the port should determine if the pressure is low -

                 The motor should be under warrantee ?

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