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 I have a 2000 mdl ficht ram 225 hp I was running @ 5500 rpm when it started loosing rpm's. I quickly shut it down. Got it home pulled the head an found the top right cyl looked like a 1/4" chisel had been beating on it an it was starting to seize as it has left some of the piston on the walls.The other 5 cyl look good, they still have the factory cross hatching in them. I have been searching an I have not been able to find any info on rebuilding.      Ques 1. can the cyl be re sleeved.or will honing be okay if it stays within specs.  #2 Is this a job that me an a guy who rebuilds car motors can do an it be reliable.#3 CAN this one cylinder be repaired without throwing the motor out of balance on this one cyl. Also is there a sight that can walk us through any problems we may run into.#4 what could have caused this/ injector/ no oil to cyl /emm/ etc. Please respond. Thanks W.P.      

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Hello engine can be honed or bored as needed and I can assist with parts and tech advice needed . sounds like possible lean condition or verify plug gap on other cylinders to see if excessive gap caused failure.

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