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While installing a water pump rebuild kit I noticed some (uncontaminated) used oil dripping drown from the lower cowl cover after removing the bottom end. I attributed this too previous oil changes where oil spill from the oil filter had gathered over the years. In total it might have been 2 ounces of oil. The pump replacement went pretty smoothly, with some difficulty aligning the shift shaft but nothing too bad.

I bolted it up and put the muffs on, ready to warm the oil prior to a change. Before I started it I checked the dip stick and it looked perfect, clean and full up. I ran it for 10 minutes with no issues. Water flowed out of the tell tale hole fine and it ran good. When I tilted and began unscrewing the drain plug, an ounce of clear water leaked before the bolt was fully removed followed by puking out brown liquid.

In the fall I drained the motor well as I have for the last 6 seasons and stored it in a garage with the motor lowered to vertical, straight up and down.

Is my motor destroyed?

Regards, Jack
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