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When trying to go with WOT, engine doesn't run properly, it dies for a second... then recovers... then again, and so on...  there is an "booo" sound, like driving with a scooter with too high gear, but difference is the engine stops pushing when the sound is heard, it doesn't just suffer. My boat is 17ft Bayliner 1702ls, 17ft and 1400lbs. prop is 14,5"x21" OMC's SST and WOT revs are 4850, but close 4800 they rise really slowly. If I increase throttle slowly, the problem is not so bad. Could too big prop cause this? Engine is flooded with gas? After driving with WOT for a while, the idle is not stable. it goes like a wave. Gas input is ok, engine gets as much as needed.



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Hello smaller pitch prop will help raise rpm but may need richer running injectors and should have dealer verify.

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