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Help! My e-tec 75 went into s.a.f.e. mode the other day about 1 mile from dock, hot eng light came on, rpm's dropped below 1000 automatically. I looked behind the motor to find NO water coming from pisser. How do I know if my problem is the thermostat, the pressure relief valve, or the water pump? Is there any way to test any of these 3 parts before I replace them? The engine just went out of warranty (3 years) and has about 100 hours in salt water.
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I'm no pro but here's my opinion for what it's worth. Hot or cold the pisser should have water coming out of it so I don't see how it could be the thermostat  or pressure relief valve.  Must be water pump or a blockage.  Just a few seconds of running an engine out of water will damage the water pump so it not hard to do.

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The  indicator fitting can be removed and water hose threaded in to flush if no water from indicator after flushing check pump 

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