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If looking forward from the back of the engine. The port side top cylinder has zero compression. Spark plug has metallic specs on it. I yanked off the head and the cylinder in badly scored. The rest of the cylinders have 125 PSI compression. The engine is a fresh water, low hour (250-300) use. Engine stills runs, but obviously not well at full speed. Engine is still quiet and has no knocking or metallic noises. It is a carburated version. 

I just acquired this boat and would like some advice. I am an ASE Certified Master Mechanic, Mercury Marine Outboard and Sterndrive certified. I have rebuilt several outboard engines in the past. I have no issue with pulling this power head and splitting the cases.

Should I re-sleeve the bad cylinder and install OEM piston and rings? 

Should I try to see if it can be bored out and install oversized piston and rings.

Besides the dead cylinder the engine is pristine.

Model number J115PLSTS

I am looking for any advice from someone who has dealt with this same issue on a V4 60* looper.

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I would bore or hone cylinder and replace with oe piston. also inspect carb for failed cylinder possible lean condition to prevent same failure
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