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Hoping you can help.  Here are the symptoms:
Starts and idles fine
Runs up to 2500-3000 RPM fine then sounds like it is starving for fuel
Fuel line primer ball goes soft and pumping helps to get up on plane sometimes but not always depending on people/fuel load.  If/once it does will stay on plane up to 4000-4500 RPM but will start to starve for fuel as you approach WOT.
Have replaced Water separator filter external and in cowling fuel filter.  Pump ball with new OMC ball, anti-siphon valve and fuel lines from pump ball back to the tank without any change.
Motor has 197 hours of use and is mounted on a Boston Whaler Outrage 230 spinning a 15 3/4x19 prop.  Ran great until 2 weeks ago.
Fuel is fresh and clean (no water or sediment when checking from filter replacements). 
When this first occurred two weeks ago I rectified with fuel line, filter, primer ball and anti-siphon valve replacement and worked fine for 10 days of constant running but now it's back.
Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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Hello if squeezing primer ball helps check fuel lift pump pressure

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