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I have a 2001 115 HP Ficht with less than 400 hours on it.  The engine is on a 22 foot pontoon boat.  I installed a new marine starting battery the other day.  The problem I am running into is that when I apply power to the motor, the battery voltage gage on the dash spikes up to 16 volts and then the check engine light and alarm comes on.  If I turn on the navigation and docking lights the voltage gage stays right around 12-13 volts.  The motor is running perfectly other than this issue.

I reviewed the Electrical System diagram and parts list on the Evinrude site and did not see a voltage regulator.  Is this function handled by the EMM?  If so is there a way to re-set the EMM to correct this problem or am I looking at a new EMM?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I believe in the book it is called a rectifier. Try looking on the top of the motor behind the flywheel. It should be there somewhere and it would be flush with the top of the motor. It is water cooled.

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Make sure the Battery is fully charged BEFORE you install it on this type of charging system, a very low charged battery will trigger the exact symptoms you are reporting.
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