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I have a 2000 70hp johnson that is stalling anywhere from 15min to 1h into a trip. I can usually restart after the stall but when I try and throttle-up, it will stalll again. Eventually will not even run at idle speed. If I let the motor cool for quite some time, I can restart and get another 15min to 1h of runtime. I've also noticed that if I take the cover off of the motor I can run for an extended period of time without the motor stalling. I've spent quite a bit of money in diagnostics and know that its not fuel system related. The motor is not overheating and the cooling system seems to be functioning properly. could it be a faulty power pack or electronic device that is causing the motor to stall when it heats up? I'm at a loss and am very frustrated with the motor- any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello I would try using key to choke engine when stall starts to happen . the choke primer will send fuel into engine bypassing carbs for testing. most often carbs are lean and will need richer jetting in idle and mid range to help with accelleration

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