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Having some kind of problem with the motor above 3000 rpms. It starts missing pretty bad, thought it was fuel filters but its turned out not to be. Checked the resistance on the stator wires going to the power pack, one color resistance was 1173 and the other color was 60 it is still chacging at 14.6 volts. Im thinking its the stator but at the same time I don't get a low oil alarm or temp alarm. Tried grounding the two wires on the port side temp sensor got nothing, grounded the single wire on the startboard and got nothing. Would a bad stator kill the alarms? Or is the powerpack bad too?

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Hello stator and pack should be ok.when tan lead in warning horn system is grounded the engine speed will be restricted to 2500 . disconnect tan lead going into pack and check for grounded condition engine should run over 2500 with tan lead disconnected at pack. if rpm restricted with tan lead disconnected at pack replace pack.

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