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My mechanic(ficht mechanic) has been stuck on my motor for 4 weeks and has run out of solutions.  
The motor was bought used with 250 hours on it and a reflashed EMM from EDI tech. It ran fine for the first hour then it died. I was pulled in. The fuel it ran on was 1 year old (6gallons)and not stabilized dilueted with 30 gallons of fresh fuel. there was some clear alchohol that filled the water/fuel sepperated that was dumped and then the motor ran again. At that time it was run on a surface tank with fresh fuel and injector cleaner. it ran for another 1/2 hour then died and check engine light came on. Since then it wont run above idle and continues to throw code 16 everytime it is reset.
The crankshaft position sensor was repalced, timing set from 30 to 45 thousands, plugs replaced and the fuel rail. The motor continues to throw the code 16. it will run at low RPM but dies when idled up.
Any ideas????????????
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