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I have been having problems getting the boat to plane out.  The motor seems to be running a little rough when it does decide to get going but most of the time it just doesn't seem to have the power to get on plane.  The motor ran great until the last 2 times I tried taking it out.  I was told it could be the plugs or a fuel delivery problem and to try to change out the plugs first.  Does this sound like a reasonable solution?  Also how do I identify the year the powerhead was manufactured.  I'm not sure if it was ever replaced because I bought the boat used.  I do know that it doesn't have pinned cylinders.  I just want to make sure to get the right plugs.  I found a white tag tied to the powerhead with this information on it.






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Hello I would start with checking plug gap and compression. If ok test fuel pressure. sounds like original powerhead.

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