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Hi, I have a 1997 Johnson 90hp 60degree looper.  It runs just fine except for I can't get my tach to read right.  I bought it (came on a 97 Proline 17 Center Console Sport) about 3 months ago and the tach reads much higher than the engine really is turning.   At WOT it reads over 7k rpm and I know the engine isnt turning that high.  My prop is pitched right for the engine (14 x 17) but I put a brand new (14 x 21) prop on just to check and it does the same thing.  I thought it was a bad tach so I put a brand new tach in (it's set right) and still the same thing.   I just now replaced the water cooled reg/rectifirer and it does the same thing.  I have played with the settings on the back of the new tach but this only moves the reading up or down just a little but not where it should be.   I've checked all the wiring leading to the tach and it seems good.  It does route thru the Johnson engine check box (when you turn the key on, it checks the engine out, oil etc and tells you it's all good).  Could this be my problem?   I've read though 2 manuals and cant find the problem.
Any help would be great.  Please feel free to email with more info.  Thank-you. 
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Hello I would check tach setting at 6 and try adjusting while running.

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