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 I have a 1996 Johnson 200 on a 1990 Stratos 289 F/S that has no fire,Everything works except the spark plugs.
 The safety switch checked out fine with an ohm meter, There are two purple wires on the back of the switch that have juice when the key is turned to the run position, I tracked one of them to my VRO fuel pump and showed positive, The other one is buried and I will have to do some cutting to find it.
 I have used the boat all winter with no trouble , Even on the coldest (4 Degree ) day It started and ran fine.
 Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions where to look next....
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The ignition on an outboard does not work like a car. You are not turning on the ignition when you turn the key on. It works like a lawn mower. When you turn the key off or pull the safefty lanyard off you are shorting out the ignition. It's the black wire with the yellow stripe that does this. The purple wire is for accesories and should have twelve volts when the key is on. You need to check and make sure that the black wire with the yellow stripe is not grounded any wherer. Hope this hepls.

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