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Got a 'No Oil' warning, stopped motor, tried to start, lost all power to motor, including PTT (stuck in down). ( oil warning has happened before, OCCASIONALLY, happened twice in two weeks-not so usual). Have been troubleshooting, wiring harness to remote tested OK, (using a Seloc service manual). 'starting system test' said check key switch (haven't yet). Checked the PTT relays, ok. Started disconnecting wiring harnesses at the motor to isolate all electrics at front. Put everything back, went to bed; next morning remembered there was one harness i didn't disconnect. I opened it. Tried PTT (it's my close at hand test for power) and Bazinga, it worked. That pair of cables went to the oil tank. Tried a start. The moment the key went to 'start', power lost again. Immediately tried that same harness. Nothing. Well not quite, because when i try PTT I hear the relay click, once. If i mess with some grounds, and/or that harness, the PTT relay will click.once. Here's the thing, this spring, and now again I find oil leaking into the inline fuel filter (back flowing down the fuel line) so I suspect the VRO2 pump may be failing. Could this be causing my seeming ground fault problem. Or should i look to power pack? (I think the solenoid is ok, but haven't pulled it yet to isolate and test). Again, when i got electrical back, the moment the key went to start, lost electrical again. That wire comes back to the solenoid and the Power Pack/Ignition module.
Thank you for reading and in advance for any possible help.
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