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Hi was wondering if you would have any insight as to what could cause this motor to what I think is excessive smoke when started and at low idle say up to around 1000 rpm I also smell gas now and then while at anchor. The engine starts pretty good and runs well while underway. I am not the original owner and am not sure of the maintenance history. I have changed the tstats, the vro pump, plugs. I have cleaned the fuel filter at the engine and the filter that is an oil water separator. I used the Johnson 2 cycle oil and it smoked a little less and have tried the Pennzoil semi synthetic 2 cycle oil and that seemed a little worse. The engine compression is around 110 psi on all six cylinders. I have checked all the fuel hoes for air leaks and have not really found anything. I have read that the decarbonizing with seafoam might help? Is there anything that I may have over looked that maybe contributing to the smoking or is this just the nature of the beast? Thanks Tim

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They all pretty much smoke when first started. Som more than others. I'm not sure of the reason. It may be that when you let them sit for a while the gas will evapoate out of the carbs leaving a higher oil mixture in them. When you pump the primr bulb it puts more gas in but you still have a higher content of oil. Just my opinion.  Mike

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